Assistance in customer service on Facebook

Considering Facebook to be an advertisement pillar is one of the biggest mistakes made by companies which are trying to become popular on this social media channel. The key to success in activity in social networks is interaction with customers who ask questions, provide feedback on products or services and encourage other people to try them out. This is done at a various times during the day – when they are at work, in the evening, before going to sleep, at night or on the weekends.

Facebook communication seems to be available at all times. When a customer makes an enquiry on a social media page, they expect a quick response in the same channel. Asking them to call the hotline or to refer to other communication channels is considered to be impolite. From the point of view of customer service, Facebook requires more than just managing a typical hotline but this has an added value, i.e. rapid customer service and customer satisfaction. That is why it is worth taking care of proper operation of a Facebook fan page.

Handling customer enquiries on Facebook

Sociomatik offers assistance in customer service on Facebook. Handling enquiries on Facebook is simplified – Sociomatik notifies its users about new comments or posts on an on-going basis for the pages you select. This feature allows to react virtually within less than a minute to enquiries as well as to negative and positive comments of your page’s followers.

Sociomatik will make it easy to handle queries of customers on Facebook. It will no longer be a time-consuming task but it will become a permanent and profitable communication channel which will replace services provided by e-mail and telephone. Sociomatik is a tool created for people who manage a number of Facebook fan pages at the same time or want to effectively monitor other social media channels. It is also for those who are looking for convenience of social media users. Find out what effective communication means today.