Negative PR in social media

Black PR

Sociomatik provides the possibility of controlling what happens on the company Facebook and Twitter profiles as well as other social media channels, simultaneously. Continuous access to posts and comments on the brand profile page allows to quickly react in many situations.

Certainly, the internet provides almost unlimited possibilities to brands wishing to promote themselves, gain new customers and obtain more profit. Nevertheless, there is another side to this virtual world which is not so colourful. Negative PR in social media is a clear example of the above.

An image of a brand or a private individual is, in many cases, built for years and can be discredited or completely destroyed within a few hours or days. Such situations occur due to false posts and comments published in social media or on various types of message boards.

Negative PR on Facebook

Today, negative PR on Facebook “enjoys” top popularity among people writing negative, false comments, due to its wide reach. Every day there are thousands of posts written globally with which the attacked brands and private individuals have to deal. The first method is to request their removal. However, if this does not work and negative PR in social media still occurs, then the most accurate solution would be to indicate the legal basis in the request for removal of such posts. Finally, if requests fail to be successful you can sue the user who posted false comments.

Negative PR on Facebook is a contradiction of the traditional term “public relations” because it does not aim at building a relation with a brand or a person, but rather at their destroying.