Concentrating on the individual person instead of treating them all as a nameless mass is one of the basic rules of a good customer service. Thanks to the fan description and categorization options, Sociomatik will allow you to facilitate and personalize the communication with your fans. Find out how to use them.


  • A big number of fans on your profiles makes it impossible to approach each one of them individually.
  • Thanks to the labels you can tag your fans according to categories (e.g. VIP, Client, Troll).
  • Creating fan descriptions will let you create their personal profiles and save the history of their contacts with the brand.


Managing profiles with a high number of active users is like participating in a huge party, where you talk with a huge number of people, whose names and faces are impossible to remember. While responding to many messages and comments in social media, you’re unable to pay due attention to individual people, to remember who they are and what problems they had before. In addition, if your brand is managed by a team of people, you deal alternately with many users – several different employees may communicate with one client in a longer period of time. Everyone becomes anonymous. It’s a mistake.


Get to know your fans and remember them

Categorization of fans according to the determined types will allow you to quickly assess the character of the question from a user who has already interacted with your profile before. This way you’ll be able to make a quick decision regarding the weight of the specific notification (post, tweet, comment, message) and react quickly in an adequate manner. Your reactions will be different in the case of a user tagged as „Client” and someone tagged as „Troll”. In the first case you’ll try to give as complete and satisfying an answer as possible within the shortest possible time. Depending on the nature of the second message, you will try to alleviate it or – if it’s not harmful to the image of your organization – you will simply ignore it.

This way you can save a lot of time and stress, devoting your attention to the users who are the most important for the company. It must be remembered that all clients should receive the best possible experience with the brand. You shouldn’t forget, however, that some clients are more profitable than others. For this reason you should sometimes let them know that they’re important to the company. Remember: small gestures have a big impact. If the user complained about a non-functioning modem three months ago, and today he’s writing with regard to another matter, he’ll certainly be pleased if you ask him about his device and whether he needs an additional assistance. You can do it, however, only if you’re really able to provide such assistance.


Creating descriptions and assigning categories

You can assign each user to an appropriate category. It can be done using the grey „+” button. After clicking on it, a window will appear, where you’ll find a dropdown list with the available categories.


Fan categories labels


Here are the four default ones:

  • VIP – someone who’s important for the functioning of your brand or the community you manage,
  • Troll – someone who adds repetitive, mean comments,
  • Fan – someone who talks positively about your fan page,
  • Klient – someone who’s your client.

If they are insufficient to meet your needs, you can always add your own categories in the „Fans” bookmark.

All information that may be useful to you or your coworkers in responding to messages or comments from a given user, can be entered in the description field. The information must be reliable and cannot mislead the other employees who manage social media.


Creating user description


How to describe a fan? You can mention, for example:

  • purchased products or services (e.g. a cell phone model made by your brand),
  • earlier problems reported by the user (e.g. too short battery life),
  • description of the past behavior of the user (e.g. frequently adding negative comments regarding the short durability of the accumulator in a device),
  • personal profile (e.g. a hothead seeking for attention with a tendency to exaggerate),
  • notes for moderators (e.g. don’t enter into a discussion with this person – potential troll).


Managing categories

You can manage categories – create new ones or eliminate and modify the existing ones – in the „Fans” bookmark. While defining a new category, you can choose the color of the label with the category’s name – it will be displayed near to the name or the nickname of the tagged user. It makes it easier to distinguish users in the inbox panel, where all notifications regarding all interactions appear.


Fan categories


Each category, apart from its name and color, has also a short description that allows other Sociomatik users to understand its role. It’s a helpful tip for those who are currently working on a project and those who will join it in the future. After adding new categories, you can immediately start assigning fans to them in different projects.


Add category in Sociomatik


Thanks to the use of categories and fan descriptions you can quickly understand who you are dealing with in a given situation. In the case of users who have already interacted with your profiles, you will be able to react in an adequate way – knowing the history of their communication, you can better understand their intentions.

Finally, a small warning: use the user categories responsibly. Just like in every-day relationships, labeling someone rashly in a certain way may turn out to be unfair in the long run. Nobody’s ever said that a troll cannot shed his thick skin and become a profitable client. However, getting rid of his black label can be much more difficult for him than changing his attitude towards your brand.


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