Fan page for travel agencies

The best method for presenting the current special offers of your travel agency is an active Facebook page. This is where users are logged in practically all day and they spend their free time scrolling the Facebook timeline.

Finding an attractive first minute or last minute trip has become more convenient in this form rather than browsing travel agency websites. However, clients want more – they want responses to questions relating to offer availability, special prices, times of flights etc. and a Facebook fan page is the most convenient communication channel for them.

If managing a fan page of a travel agency (or agencies) seems complicated and time-consuming to you, try out Sociomatik!

Sociomatik will allow you to meet the expectations of your customers. You can control posts planned in the calendar by your employees, you will be notified about enquiries and posts/comments made by users. You can intuitively forward an enquiry to a person who knows the answer so that it can be included in the response to a comment.

Sociomatik replaces e-mail and telephone communication as well as the need for sending separate messages. It integrates all necessary data which you post on your fan pages for travel agencies in one place. Do not wait to respond to enquiries concerning your offer – try Sociomatik and benefit from its useful features for fan pages of travel agencies.