Planning posts

Sociomatik makes management of a company/brand social media profile easier than ever before. With our help, you can plan and post messages fast and effectively. You will no longer have to change the account and log into a new profile over and over again to publish the same comment every time. Furthermore, you will be able to keep in touch with fans concentrated around Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Calendar of posts

A user-friendly interface will allow you to precisely plan and control the calendar of posts. Together with the co-workers, you will be able to select the desired dates for publishing posts which will allow you to reach new fans and retain the existing ones. You will have an insight into the already published posts and those that are planned in the future. You have full control over the content published by your team. The calendar of posts will help you keep track of all important information which you wish to share with the fans of the company/brand.

Moderation of posts

The solutions offered by Sociomatik allow post moderation for a number of accounts simultaneously. The possibility of continuously monitoring the situation on a few profiles at the same time will prevent trolling and many other violations. Simplified moderation of posts will allow you to be active in a number of social media networks at the same time. The control of this situation is possible owing to the tools and services offered by Sociomatik.

Don’t hesitate and find out that social media can be fully controlled!