Removing comments – Facebook

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) are a place where millions of posts appear daily. This is also where you have the biggest chance of reaching potential fans or customers when you set up a new company profile or fan page.

Certainly, everyone who owns a Facebook account would like comments sent to them by other internet users to be positive. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Critical opinions may come from non-satisfied customers but they can also result from actions of internet trolls who want to harm you or your company acting upon someone’s order or simply for entertainment purposes. The only solution for this situation consists in removing comments from Facebook. How can this be done quickly and effectively?

Comment removal tools – Facebook

Sociomatik offers tools for removing comments which show you, your company or brand in a bad light. The user-friendly interface makes their use trouble-free and you can regain full control over what happens on your account. Comments can be removed from Facebook immediately upon their publishing.

The Sociomatik comment removal tool is a part of the entire system which allows to be up to date with what happens on your account. What’s important is that you can simultaneously control a few profiles at once, not only on Facebook, but also on Twitter or Pinterest. Find out more about services offered by Sociomatik. Be more effective in social media which will allow you to gain more profit.