Social Helpdesk

Using the interface offered by Sociomatik, management of companies in social media is convenient end easy. To those interested in our tools, we provide a mailbox (INBOX) allowing communication in all selected social networks.

Managing all profiles gathered in one interface will enable you to save time and to act even more effectively. This user-friendly interface will prevent you from making mistakes that could discourage even the most trusting fan of a brand/company. Access to transparent statistics and graphs allows to compare activity of fans in particular channels and to adjust activities to this factor.

Managing companies on Facebook

Customer Service on Facebook and other social media channels using innovative tools, has become the best solution which you just cannot ignore.

Access to comments of users as well as the social helpdesk feature will allow you to generate fast responses. You will gain the possibility of continuously controlling what happens in social media, where your brand is active. At the same time, you will be able to publish a post as well as check and compare its effectiveness in particular channels on various social networks at the same time. You will have access to statistics relating to the used social media channels on the basis of which you will be able to easily determine the effectiveness of your actions and how well the content you post is received by internet users.

The Sociomatik tools make social media customer service an easy task. All those users who handle many profiles of a number of brands should learn about the advantages offered by Sociomatic in social media management.

Try out Sociomatik for free and find out how to make customer service in social media easier!